Monday, June 1, 2009

Stephen King and Me

When you here the name Stephen King the first thought that comes to mind is horror. I have never thought of being influenced by an author until now. When I was younger I never liked reading or had much interest in books. Like a lot of kids TV and movies were the big thing. When I was 10 I watched the movie Pet Semetary, which was based on a Stephen King novel. The movie really scared me and even though I had seen it once , I watched several more times over the next few days and was scared every time. The movie so intrigued me that I decided to read the book. I found the book so creepy and fascinating that I wanted to read another. Ever since then I have been reading, some Stephen King and other authors as well.

Until reading the biography "Stephen King: A Haunted Heart" I didn't know or think much about Stephen King. The biography made me realize there was more to the man than scary books and movies. From the book I learned not to let anyone or anything keep you from obtaining your dreams. With enough perseverance anything is possible and to keep striving toward your goal until it is obtained. This he proved by his numerous submissions of his stories to various publishers. It didn't matter how many rejections he received there was always the hope for the one acceptance letter.

No matter where you come from in life, whether dirt poor or wealthy, we all have goals and dreams and no one should be allowed to take that away. The fact that a man, who was extremely poor, a cocaine addict and alcoholic for many years could pull himself together and make a life for him and his family is admirable. Stephen King has taught me that everyone deserves a chance; he has helped out struggling publishers and artists with giving them his stories for a fraction of their worth. How someone with fame and immense wealth could remain genuine, and share with others such as the Haven Foundation and the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation is commendable.

It is probably because of reading that first Stephen King book that my interest in reading went from "I have to read it", to "I want to read it".

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