Monday, June 1, 2009

Stephen King

Stephen Edwin King was born September 24, in Portland, Maine. He grew up very poor and a lot of the time the only entertainment was reading. As a young boy Stephen's mom would strongly encourage her son's to read and then would later quiz them on what they had read. He started writing at a young age from comic books to short stories and in later years it was novels. He also taught his the first modern English class at the University of Maine. Stephen King is a man of many fears who has used these fears and life events in his numerous novels and short stories to become one of the most successful best-selling horror writers of the century. As a writer Mr. King has been able to captivate audiences of all ages with deadly cars, psychotic nurses and clowns, vampires, and other frightening images. He has allowed us to sympathize with many of his characters through his storytelling of the evils that have been done to them.

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